Luminesce Serum

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Luminesce 21st century is a new breakthrough for anti-aging products (anti-aging), which contains a proprietary formula that patented in the form of Adult Stem Cells and contains over 200 + key growth factor (Growth Factors). 

Benefits Luminesce Serum:

  • Can repair and revive skin cells are damaged and die and regenerate new skin tissue
  • Brighten not whiten, does not contain hydroquinone, mercury and paraben
  • Tightening and reducing the lines of wrinkles, eye bags, making skin look brighter, firmer and younger looking
  • Can produce new collagen and stimulates the dirt that settles in the face.
  • Usually the age of 30 years can no longer produce collagen, but Luminesce Serum shown to help cells to produce new collagen
  • Can be used after facials, exfoliation, keloid, strecth marks, inflammation due to acne, skin diseases (such as herpes), ulcers, burns, dental surgery, mosquito bites and boils
  • Can be used to tighten all parts of the body that you want to tighten 

In addition to the benefits for the face, Luminesce Serum also proven to cure:

stretch marks
fall injuries
Herpes skin disease
diabetic wounds
Vitiligo (illness Michael Jackson)
And much more 

Luminesce Serum can be used by women and men 


· 88% - Improvement in overall skin appearance
· 75% - Improvement in skin texture and softness
· 75% - Reduction of lines and wrinkles on the face
· 70% - Addition of facial skin elasticity and elasticity
Kami akan sangat berterima kasih apabila anda menyebar luaskan artikel Luminesce Serum ini pada akun jejaring sosial anda, dengan URL :

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Eugene Bailey said...

My mother is getting wrinkles on her face (under eyes, at chin) and she is applying anti-age wrinkle cream at night but there in not a noticeable change in it.Doctor has pointed out the deficiency of Anti aging serum , this product have these specifications in it?

Anonymous said...

i am interested in using luminesce to treat vitiligo. Please can you please provide photo evidence showing cure of vitiligo stated above in your blog as this disease is known to be incurable. thank you.

Matt Robin said...

Thanks so much for sharing this awesome info! I am looking forward to see more postsby you! Visit: LUMINESCE SERUM

News World said...

luminesce serum

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